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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: Alcohol and Drug Addiction Information

Broken Arrow Oklahoma

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has a population of 74,859 and is located in Tulsa County.

Broken Arrow is home to the Safari’s Animal Sanctuary and one of the ever-popular Bass Pro Shops. The city has several museums and art galleries, about eight golf courses and several parks for recreation.

Broken Arrow tends to rate lower than the national average in most crime rates, however, the city continues to have an ongoing drug problem.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma’s Drug Situation

Since Broken Arrow sits at the edge of Tulsa, it shares many of the same drug use and arrest problems. The quantities of drugs found in Broken Arrow are often trafficking quantities—meaning they are multi-pound quantities intended for sales to many people.

Heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana are often seized. In the recent past, one seizure of methamphetamine was valued at one million dollars and a heroin bust was valued at $700,000. After this seizure of enough heroin to get tens of thousands of people high, some law enforcement personnel predicted that pharmacies in the area would start being robbed because of a shortage of heroin in the area. In the months that followed, there were 14 pharmacy robberies in Broken Arrow—one pharmacy was robbed four times.

Cocaine seized in Broken Arrow may already be in the form of crack cocaine or it may be destined to be converted.

With ten colleges and universities in the area, arrests on campuses are not uncommon. In recent months, both students and local residents have been arrested for dealing marijuana, cocaine and the stimulant prescription Adderall on or near campuses.

While marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth are the drugs that normally make the headlines, alcohol sends more people to rehab in Oklahoma than any other drug. Around 40% of all arrivals in rehabs are there primarily because of alcohol. But because it is a legal drug, excessive drinking doesn’t raise many eyebrows unless there’s a tragic accidental death.

Alcohol does kill people directly—not only because of drinking and driving or accidents. Alcohol causes people to die from causes like liver cancer, breast cancer, esophagus cancer and liver failure. It’s just that it takes longer than a heroin overdose. In total, around the world, alcohol kills more than two million people per year according to the World Health Organization.

The Dwindling Spiral Will Continue

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Once a person becomes addicted, he or she is in a trap created by a craving for drugs just to be able to function every day.

Currently, nearly a quarter million people in Oklahoma are drug abusers. Out of 3.9 million people in the state, it’s estimated that about 59,000 need treatment for dependence on drugs and 208,000 need help for problems with alcohol. At any one time, about 16,000 people are in treatment programs in the state.

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment Program

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While families are often under intense pressure while they are looking for a rehab center, it’s vital that they make their own decision about what kind of result they want from rehab.

Many rehabs rely on medication-assisted treatment which means they give the person in recovery methadone or buprenorphine—both addictive substances. Someone who really wants to experience a sober life may be deeply disappointed by this result.

Medication-assisted treatment is supposed to be accompanied by counseling and other therapies but in many cases, these other treatments are sketchy or non-existent.

Some practitioners working in addiction rehab feel that it is acceptable for a person to stay on one of these medications for years. If this is not what the family is looking for, they need to be clear about this in the beginning and make a choice of rehab that will give them the result they want.

Should the Drug Rehab Location Matter When It Comes to Finding a Solution to Addiction?

When families are in a rush, they may choose the first rehab that has a bed open. And this is understandable because their loved one could be in danger of overdose, accident or arrest at any moment. However, the rehab that is chosen can, in some cases, be a life or death choice.

A rehab in a location some distance from home offers unique benefits that a local rehab can’t.

First is the therapy that results from a change of environment. This change takes a person away from the influences that have been triggering his or her drug or alcohol use for years. The friends he drinks with, the bars where he is known, the drug dealers who know his preferences, the places where he knows it’s safe to smoke or shoot up, his old girlfriend (or her old boyfriend) who always has some drugs available—all these influences can act as triggers when trying to recover from addiction.

Being able to step away from these influences gives a person a chance to build his strength and resistance so when he returns home, he is greatly proofed against harm.

The other advantage to finding a rehab far from home is that you may be able to find just the type of rehab you need by being willing to travel a distance.

At Narconon, much of the focus of the program is strengthening a person so that these triggers can have no impact.

There is a training course in communication skills that enables one to confront other people without flinching or dodging.

There is another course in identifying those people who might draw one back into illicit activities or drug use and training on to handle them successfully.

Yet another course teaches how personal integrity is lost, how it can be recovered and how it can be continuously maintained.

All these skills help strengthen a person from relapse. When triggers can be faced and defeated, sobriety can last a lifetime.

Narconon New Life Retreat Helps END Addiction and Alcoholism FOR GOOD.

By focusing on building up a person’s ability to confront and deal with life’s challenges, it becomes unnecessary to keep a person on maintenance drugs like methadone or buprenorphine. And when a person is free from all addictive substances, he is free to create a productive, rewarding and enjoyable life.

A Narconon Program Graduate is someone:

  • Who has successfully completed each step of the Narconon drug rehab program
  • Who has gained communication skills and the ability to successfully use communication to deal with challenging situations in life
  • Who has brightened his outlook and regained clearer thinking as a result of a deep detoxification of old drug traces
  • Who understands that association with some individuals could be dangerous to his sobriety and who now knows how to handle those individuals
  • Who has learned how to make drug-free choices and solve problems instead of hiding from them in drug use.

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It is possible to replace the loss and pain of alcohol or drug addiction with a productive, enjoyable life.

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