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Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls, Idaho, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Information

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Idaho Falls, Idaho has a population of 50,730 and is located in Bonneville County at the base of the Blackfoot Mountains, with downtown Idaho Falls facing the Snake River.

The town features the Idaho Potato Museum, the Willard Art Center and the Tautphaus Park Zoo, horse racing, a symphony orchestra, and live theatre.

While these features make Idaho Falls a pleasant place to live, the city still struggles with drugs that are trafficked into the area and that addict local residents.

Idaho Falls: Idaho’s Drug Situation

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that crystal methamphetamine (also known as ”ice”) is the biggest threat to individuals and businesses. Individuals risk losing everything to this drug—self-respect, health, families, jobs, homes. Businesses risk higher expenses, employee injuries, thefts and lower profitability.

In many states, methamphetamine trafficking or domestic production has declined, But not in the Big Sky country. The top three drugs sending people in Idaho to rehab are alcohol, marijuana, and meth in almost equal measures. While alcohol and marijuana usually take some time to addict a person, methamphetamine has the reputation for addicting people very rapidly—sometimes in just one sitting.

Most of the meth in the area comes from superlabs in Mexico capable of producing many pounds in a day. There are still small meth labs found in Idaho, mostly around Boise and Pocatello.

Each year, there are more than 1,000 drug-related offenses in the district that includes Idaho Falls. Bonneville County has higher than average rates of meth, marijuana and prescription drug offenses than most other Idaho counties. While rates have increased in nearby Bingham and Clark Counties, they have not changed dramatically in Bonneville County for the past several years.

Club drugs, particularly MDMA3 (street name Ecstasy)
(4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) continues to be popular among young adults, and most often is found at nightclub, music or dance venues.

The Dwindling Spiral Will Continue

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If a person headed for addiction sees what’s coming, he or she can sometimes head off disaster. But when cravings overwhelm rationality and even one’s moral sense, then it’s difficult to climb out of this disaster without help. That’s when rehab is needed to put a new, sober future in front of that person.

For most people, it’s family that make this possible. They see the destruction and they intervene to help the individual recover sobriety and life. In other cases, the individual himself realizes he needs immediate help to leave that addicted lifestyle behind. He reaches out, sometimes with the help of the family, and he finds Narconon – a rehab program with a fifty-year history of helping the addicted gain the skills to live a sober life.

Learn how the Narconon program can bring your family back together, can help the addicted person recover his self-respect and love of life and family that characterized his life before drugs.

Choosing a Drug Rehab and Addiction Program

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What are you looking for when you send a loved one to rehab? If it’s acceptable to you that he or she comes back with a fistful of prescription slips, maybe you should think again. Yes, it is possible for an addicted person to stay sober after rehab without the aid of substitute drugs like Suboxone or methadone or anti-anxiety medications. The unique approach of the Narconon program means that abstinence from drug or alcohol use is a natural result of the life skills gained and the change in viewpoint achieved on the program.

Should the Drug Rehab Location Matter When It Comes to Finding a Solution to Addiction?

Families looking for a rehab program for a loved one often consider that putting some distance between the recovering person and his or her problems and contacts is a good idea. What they may not also realize is that many people benefit from the change of scenery as well. By being far removed from the places where drugs were used or where someone overdosed or the police arrested the addicted person and his group, a person can go through recovery without facing these triggers that might spur further drug use. The better time to face these stressful triggers is when the person is stronger or, in other words, when he is complete on the Narconon drug rehab program.

By providing a new, safe trigger-free environment, distanced from past negative associations and surroundings for an extended period of time, the chance for success increases dramatically.

Our program provides people with positive circumstances to increase their chances of a successful recovery. The vast majority of students entering our program are from out of state or from other countries.

Narconon New Life Retreat helps END addiction and alcoholism FOR GOOD.

Narconon New Life Retreat offers an alternative to conventional drug rehab programs. Many conventional programs last only 30 days and then a person must return to his life whether he has gained the necessary life skills or not. The Narconon program focuses on achieving the correct result from each phase of this program. A person graduates and goes home when he has the understanding and skills he needs to succeed in his sobriety.

The Narconon program steps are entirely drug-free. That means that no drugs are ever administered as part of the rehabilitation process. There are other programs that think it’s necessary to give an addictive substance to a person in recovery to keep that person from going back to illicit drug use. Not only do many of the people using these substitutes continue to abuse illicit drugs, but the drugs themselves are addictive. They are also drugs of abuse and they have an adverse effect on the person’s mind and health. At Narconon, the entire goal is actual rehabilitation to the point that a person knows how to stay sober and can do so.

A Narconon Program Graduate is someone:

  • Who has completed the Narconon drug rehab program
  • Who knows that life is better sober than it ever was when he was impaired
  • Who has overcome the compulsion to use drugs or drink
  • Who understands how to deal with challenges in life so they do not drive him back to drugs or alcohol
  • Who has much greater skill enabling him to repair and maintain improved personal relationships

Call anytime to speak with one of our counselors about our program. We will take the time to answer your questions whether it be for yourself or a loved one. It is possible to replace the loss and pain of alcohol or drug addiction with a productive, enjoyable life.

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